Poor Roley, rolled over this morning on the bed and his cyst burst onto my Egyptian cotton hand embroidered duvet cover. Blood everywhere. Cleaned him up a bit, phoned Vet who said bring her in.
Tried to phone Mother on her mobile no answer. Kept phoning right up until we left for vets. Was she still asleep? was she really ill again? was she d……..?
Vet squeezed poor Roley’s cyst, then cleaned it up, put a blow-up collar on him, issued antibiotics for a week and a bill for £50, with instructions to bring him back in a week.
Rushed home dumped Ronald and Roley, shot to Mothers. It’s OK she was still in bed fast asleep.
Finally arrived home at 12.0’clock for breakfast of cornflakes and a cup of tea.
Ronald is searching online for a nurses outfit. I think it is for me but I’m not sure.

Yours still Nursely


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