RONALD’S BRIEF ENCOUNTER – (but without the trains)

English: Karrimor shoes

English: Karrimor shoes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RONALD’S BRIEF ENCOUNTER occurred whilst taking hirsute Roley for a walk.

He met three LADY-HIKERS who had been round the block, Ronald likes ladies who go far. They stopped him to ask “Are you taking the dog for a walk?” Now excuse me if I sound snitchy but talk about stating the f………g obvious. I believe it was a bit of a RUSE to engage in flirtatiousness with a SILVER FOX.

According to Ronald they were very NICE ladies and one of them had a lovely pair of  HIKING BOOTS, he’d never seen such big ones. He was on the point of inviting them home for a cup of tea when he had second thoughts. SENSIBLE RONALD

Yours Miffedly


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