Where have I been my lovely ladies and occasional gentleman BLISS followers? Well yesterday Teresa, Gwendoline, Lydia and I went to a lovely ladies CRAFT FAYRE. The Lovely Annabelle, as I think I mentioned previously was flaunting her wares and we went along to support her and look at the wonderful things on offer.

It was a gloriously sunny hot day and there were the most amazing things on offer. Gwendoline was the first to break out her pennies as she had been swooned by a DUCK. Teresa was next to make a purchase with two charming hand-enhanced prints. Then I spotted some GIANT WOODEN KNEEDLES WITH GIANT WOOL I cannot tell you how excited I was. Almost at the same moment Lydia spotted them too. We were off like a couple of exocet missiles, closely followed by the others. One very interesting conversation with the lovely LADY stall holder later LYDIA, TERESA AND I WERE £50 LIGHTER each but the owners of the means to KNIT ourselves some colourful rugs and Teresa is KNITTING seat pads for her new dining chairs.

I forgot to say it was so hot that we all four purchased sun-hats unfortunately the were the same apart from the pattern on the crown. There were quite a few smiles as we wandered around together. Even more when we sat on a bench in a row in the town eating pasties. Someone even wanted to take our photographs, what Larks.

On arriving home, Ronald met me with the news that my mother was not well. As soon as I arrived at her home I realised she was really poorly. After the Doctor had been we were whisked off in an AMBULANCE.

So my lovely ladies and Occasional gentleman that was why I was unable to write my BLISS yesterday.

Tomorrow I will show you a picture of my LOVELY GIANT KNITTING NEEDLES AND GIANT WOOL, also update you on my mother, who despite being ill still managed to flirt with the young PARAMEDIC in the ambulance.

Yours Stressedly


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