Some of our neighbours may have witnessed strange goings on in the Ladygarden residence this morning. We had received our online bill from our ENERGY company and I realised that I had forgotten to submit our meter readings, so they had applied estimated readings.
Ronald fetched the key from his little shed and we trouped outside to the meter cupboard and duly wrote down the readings. I then submitted them online but of course the screen froze and I could not be sure if they had gone through or not.
I started and email message when a ‘LIVE CHAT with a LIVEPERSON’ ICON came up. ‘Would I like to speak to one?’ which is a bit of an OXYMORON but I thought why not, may be quicker (silly me).
To assist the LIVEPERSON, before I “spoke” to them,I had to enter my name, address, phone number, account number and email. Whiich I did. then:
LIVEPERSON : Hello, what is your question?

ME: I was submitting my readings but screen froze

LIVEPERSON: Can you give me your name, address, phone number account number and email address?

Me: ? (thought I had already done that) repeated details

LIVEPERSON: Give me the readings

Me: Rate 1: 4466 Rate 2: 4867

LIVEPERSON: Please wait while I check the numbers

ME: Are you still there?

LIVEPERSON: Please be patient I am checking




LIVEPERSON: These figures appear to be wrong. Please go and check them

ME: Will you wait?


Ronald dashed to shed for the key, we ran out to the cupboard, took down the same numbers as previously, dashed back to IPAD.
ME: Rate 1: 4466 Rate 2: 4867

LIVEPERSON: Please wait while I check




LIVEPERSON: These figures seem to be very high

ME: Oh dear that’s scary

LIVEPERSON: Would you email a picture of the readings on the meter and email me

ME: !!!!!

Ronald dashed out to shed for key, we both ran out to meter cupbord with IPAD. Took photos of each reading and a nice picture of the meter in the cupboard just in case. Dashed back and emailed pictures

ME: Have emailed 3 pictures to you




ME: Are you there?

Silence LIVEPERSON had gone. Did she receive the emails? is she revising my figures? does she like the nice picture of the meter? Who knows?

I picked up my knitting, Ronald poured me a glass of chilled Rose (for the stress) and I sat down to watch the TENNIS at Wimbledon

Yours 15 lovingly



  1. Laugh, it was difficult to stop. Lydia nearly wet her pants!! It’s pleasing to know others encounter these little hiccups. Gwendoline xx


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