Interior painted

Ronald Finishes Me Off With Country Cream

What a hero Ronald is, he has erected my summerhouse whilst I painted most of the outside in ‘Pale Sage’,  Ronald finished it off and has painted my inside with country cream . Although we are in dispute.  I want some of my externals  picked out in country cream and Ronald so far is passively resisting. I have some ideas for my inside which includes some hand-painting, photos to follow.

Disaster,  the wool shop had run out of the wool I needed to complete Little Nanook’s blanket.  They may order some more but cannot promise. This may see me unpicking the border I have already sewn on and buying new wool, sigh.

2013.06.20 gemini & light blue teddies

Here are two new knitted bears, I still have to embroider noses and will now start on their clothes. Their personalities evolve as I am knitting them and every one is completely unique just like me

Yours Creamily



    • Hi Pie, thank you for loving my bears. They are all different and made from lovely wools. Some have hats and dresses, some dungarees but all have bags. Barney ( whose name means ‘As brave as a bear’) was born with one ear. He is used to it so it doesn’t worry him, he saw a little boy on the telly who only had one ear and was very brave about it, so now he thinks he’s brave too.


  1. I think Little Barney is a very brave Bear. Celia I must tell you that today you would have been so proud of young Gwendoline and I. We have been rodding all morning! We did have two very strong chaps as our able assistants. And now our pipes that have been blocked for twenty years or more are running beautifully clear again. Such fun. But I confess to being rather worn out now, so have had to sit down for a regenerative early evening tipple.


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