One thought on “VIRGIN

  1. That happened to me Celia last year. I had just sat down and unwrapped my corned beef and tomato sandwiches and cracked open my hard boiled egg, ( I always take a little picnic when I travel as I dont always want an exotic flat bread ) my flask was at the ready, and then i became aware of being watched. by the gentleman opposite. As I munched his stare became more intense, and when I pulled out my peach (which was, I admit, rather over ripe) ,he could hardly contain himself I have always attracted the opposite sex Celia, It can be a curse but i was only wearing my Wolf fleece and that usually covers my assets, I was glad when he got off so I cannot imagine why Virgin feel this is a suitable advert. it really is very uncomfortable when it happens to you.
    Yours magnetically


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