Letter from Veronica

Dear Celia
I think we need to draw a line under last evening
I am nursing one of my heads this morning I think we we all a little bit giddy with the excitement of watching ‘Larkrise’ in the open air. I admit to being a lttle over excited at the thought of the Vicar and am ashamed to say I did run about the herbacous borders at the end, but I would like to draw a veil over this.
I have been experiencing starnge feelings lately that I can only put down to my reintroducing supermarket food back into my diet after my foray into foraging.

Yours hormonally

Ps I had no idea you thought I was self centered as well. Mixing that bottle of wine with your medication was not a good idea.
PPS You did look menacing in the suset in that gangster hat, and I think this is something to consider when you go on the Church outing in September.

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