RONALD'S COD-PIECEThis week is knitting in public week,.So here I am in Tesco’s car-park measuring Ronald for a new cod-piece. “A cod-piece” you may query, we are not in 14th century England. No we are not but unfortunately Ronald saw a piece on Sir Ranulph Fines and he was explaining how anything exposed and sticking out is liable to frost-bite and may indeed have to be amputated.

Poor Ronald was very disturbed on hearing this information and shut himself in his shed cogitating . He came out 3 hours later, weaving across the lawn, with the strong smell of Bombadier and scattering crumbs from consuming a whole box of Tunnock’s Tea Cakes Est. 1890, shouting “Knit me a cod-piece woman”.

So I decided to combine the events: shopping (unfortunately did not have time to get to Waitrose), Knitting in public and because Ronald was too embarrassed to be measured in front of a car park full of interested shoppers, I measured a handy boy-scout scarecrow who was amazingly the same size.

Yours Knitting Publicly


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