It is so exciting to receive a brown paper parcel. I know Ronald get’s very excited whenever he receives one and rushes off to his shed to enjoy the experience.

This morning a parcel of wool arrived. I am sure that I am not the only textile fan who goes into raptures of delight when fondling something soft and furry. Sometimes you get into a rut and continually use the same old wool and colours. Ladies you need to be bold, daring and adventurous; try something different. Perhaps a different colour, texture or thickness.

Sometimes we are in the mood for something delicate like a finger-weight wool in a pale colour. Sometimes we want something bold and chunky, self patterning with a mix of colours.

Whatever your desires there is wool out there that will excite and enthuse you; wool that you cannot keep your hands off. Ladies I implore you do not waste a day, indulge in those sensuous pleasures that women have enjoyed for centuries.

Yours Woolily


2 thoughts on “WOOL, WOOL, WOOL.

  1. Dear Celia
    Talking of things that excite and entrall you.

    Tonight I stripped a Seamans chest.

    Different strokes etc…..as they say…… cant stop now. Havent felt like this for years………….

    Yours in a bit of a tizzy.


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