Now I have nothing against the man per se, well that’s not true actually but today I am ranting ladies. WE  ARE NOT “All in it together” as our leader says. I am amongst a small group of ladies born in a specific few months that not only miss out on our promised pension but also miss out on the new minimum pension.

Now I know that this is to implement equality with men but we still haven’t achieved equality. in the workplace. Many women doing the same job as a man still recieve less pay. And I don’t see DC enforcing that. I paid a full stamp and have worked all my life apart from having my darling children. My agreement for paying my dues was that I would recieve a pension when I was 60.

What in fact did I get? NO PENSION, NO BUS PASS but I did get a ‘Poo Testing Kit’ well thank you very much.

WARNING!!! WILL BE DISCUSSING BODILY FUNCTIONS (Ronalds just left the room, he has a week stomach)

Now I know I am not alone in suffering a little constriction in the bowel department. This kit contained three little cardboard sticks to take a sample on and then you had to smear it into a plastic window before folding in. A cardboard stick! I needed a diamond tipped drill! As for smearing, forget it I struggled to fold the cover over a mini Everest! But ladies and gentlemen if you recieve one of these don’t be like Ronald and put it in the bin, use it.

As you can see I’m not bitter and twisted and if I have offended any of you who think this is just, I apologise. It’s a good job I can whip up a gourmet meal out of a tin of beans, half a stick of celery and a small piece of Wenslydale; it means I can still afford a Gin and tonic.

Yours Bombastily


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