How exciting my best friend Veronica and I attended a boot fair this sunny morning. Of course I was ready and knocking on her door at 7.25 with my goods packed expertly in a pale blue plastic box and a French blue Aldi’s basket. I apologise Aldi; Ronald became excited at the discount Cote De Rhone and couldn’t fit it all in his Sainsbury’s wine carrier, he will return it. Veronica of course was not ready having incorrectly set her alarm clock, what a silly billy.

Well ladies what a lovely pleasant crowd apart from the odd tattooed, jogging trousered, muscle top vest. We met lots of old friends and made some new. We did have a chuckle or two. The lady that picked up Veronica’s boxed set and shouted to her husband “do you fancy a ‘Hornblower’? Caused a bit of a stir.

Veronica was peckish and set off for refreshments, returning with two teas and a bacon roll. Unfortunately as Veronica has taken up foraging and is mainly eating foodstuffs from hedgerow and forest; the free range pig went quite to her head. She rolled up her trouser legs far too high to be decent of a Sunday morning and started yelling out like a ‘Costermonger’! “Everything’s 50p including Celia”. Goodness knows what she’d be like on some Fois Gras and Champagne.

Yours Bootingly


2 thoughts on “BOOT FAIR

  1. Dear Celia,
    As I was washing my feet in the shower this morning I reflected on your comments re my foraging. You may be right. What with my nettle rash, and the unfortunate incident at the Church Wednesday meeting last Tuesday, when Mrs Wellbeloved was taken from us after eating a mushroom and bindweed tart, I may re familiarise myself with Asda.
    However, I have found a way to vent the natural forager within…….I am now a Shabby Chic(er). Since yesterdays Boot fair, i have stripped down and repainted, and rubbed the paint off, 3 tables, a bookcase, and a large chest. I am to make my fortune Celia, and i wish you to be the first to share my news!
    Yours shabbily
    PS Mrs Wellbeloved is out of A&E now and on solid food now.


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