Today I enjoyed an afternoon at our Ladies Craft Club. With knitting, crocheting, button making and our delightful gentleman Rupert was felting away with gusto.

Dear Veronica and I are planning to host the occasional vintage tea party.

The beautiful doily you can see in the picture was a gift from the lovely Teresa. It is skilfully crocheted with adorable little glass beads. She has offered to make us more to cover our jugs.

They may cover Veronica’s jugs but my jugs are a little larger and I will definitely need more beads.

Yours dingly dangly


2 thoughts on “DOILY

  1. My breasts have always been a talking point. Dr Singh commented on them only last Tuesday, when i took my rash in. He said,I was a medical phenomenon for a woman in her 2nd flowering. (Well I paraphrase there but it was along those lines)
    I would prefere it however, Celia if you did not expose my upper regions to the world wide web.

    Yours pertly

    PS. In case you were wondering, my rash turns out to be an allergic reaction to nettle, so my forays into the world of ‘Meadow Cookery’ with HRH Prince of Wales have come to a rather inflammed end, Im afraid. I might try Ray Mears survival cookery book next time Derek drives the mobile Library out here. He doesn’t look like a man who would tolerate a rash.


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