My dear ladies I cannot tell you how sorry I am. Yesterday it appears that I lead some of you astray. I wrote in all innocence.

My thoughts are with Eileen who had to go to A & E to have something surgically removed and to Angela whose husband was so shocked and alarmed that he stepped back on poor Lucky (I have offered to pay the vet”s bill and looking on the bright side, it does mean they can offer a home to another rescued cat) and any other of my dear ladies who have been affected.

I did not for a moment realise I had been misleading. I meant of course my lovely peach coloured summer sandal thongs. Not those cheese-cutters that pretend to be underwear.

I will endeavour in future to be translucent in my insightful homilies to you all.

Yours embarrassingly


One thought on “Misled

  1. I must admit i to was taken in by the thongs being under garments, and a little a gasp of the situation of celia out walking in them, so i was relieved to here these were the sandels type.
    I can only imagine, otherwise that a lady of your esteemed taste must have been having some kind of psychasthenia.


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