Summer Has Arrived

Well at last ladies the summer has arrived, those tea-dresses can come out of the wardrobe and your Birkenstocks out of the shoe-closet. Do remember to wear a hat between 11.00am and 4.00pm, we do not want to look like Rod Stewart do we ladies.

Unfortunately some women have not a clue how a lady should dress in the summer.

My son Roland called in this afternoon bringing that woman with him; he’s such a disappointment to me. Typically she wore a strapless, backless, bottomless dress. When she bent over to stroke little Roley my miniature schnauzer, poor Ronald became quite agitated (he’s quite possessive about little Roley) he had to put his Caravan Monthly over his lap!

I made them a cup of tea but I’m sorry ladies I served Tetley in my Waitrose mugs. That woman wouldn’t appreciate Twinings in a vintage bone-china cup and saucer!

I didn’t mention my “Bring Back The Handkerchief” campaign, quite frankly she’s the sort that uses a piece of toilet paper and as for embroidering an initial she’s more likely to tattoo her initial on her knuckle.

Yours Flustered


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