Ladies I am starting a new campaign to ‘BRING BACK THE HANDKERCHIEF’.

Are we not fed up with pulling out our lovely black cashmere cardigans from the washing machine only to find a rogue tissue has hidden up the sleeve?

Are we not fed up with picking yucky tissues up from wherever they have fallen or been tossed?

Are we not fed up with all the cardboard and plastic packaging plus disposing of the things afterwards?

My mother has a habit of tucking them in her knickerleg; like she did when she was at school and at any unfortunate time of the day they would gradually work there way out and down her leg!

Let us bring back the handkerchief, it is eco friendly as it can be washed and used over and over again; it is pleasing to look at unlike a tissue after 3 seconds. More importantly ladies you can embroider your initial in the corner thereby showing off your needlework skills and if you happen to drop one in front of a gentleman an opportunity for him to strike up a conversation. You can even embroider a secret message to a loved one the world of handkerchiefs is open to many opportunities. Some are plain, some patterned and some are lace.

Ladies I rely on you to spread the word, you will find an army of ill-informed people who think a tissue is superior. Here is a little tale that proves my point.

I gave my 7 year old granddaughter Pocohontas (I blame Disney) a ‘Wallace & Gromet’ handkerchief which she loves. She has been suffering from hayfever and took her  favouritehandkerchief to school to deal with her runny nose. During the day the teacher called out and asked her what she was doing; she explained that she was wiping her nose. The teacher then confiscated her handkerchief, saying it was a distraction, leaving her with the only option open to her; wiping her nose on her sleeve. We have all had to deal with those green-sleaves have we not we ladies?

Since when was a handkerchief a distraction, a mobile phone yes, an ipod yes, a Tarantula yes but a handkerchief!

So ladies I urge you all join the campaign ‘Bring Back The Handkerchief’

Yours Blowing Gently


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