Wrong End of The Stick

Ladies, ladies, I do believe you have misunderstood Ronalds intentions.  I thought it was only men who thought about that subject every so often throughout the day. What were you thinking ladies?

Whilst we are in that area, I must tell you that Veronica & I went to see Alan Carr; in fact I took him a present. I knitted him a man-bag, he was thrilled although I’m not sure he knew what it was because his dog came on in the second half wearing it around his neck. A bit like a city version of a St Bernard.

Ladies the way to a man’s heart is to knit him a garment (Ronald still treasures his knitted cashmere gentlemen’s undergarments) or accessory. Ladies I was shocked when Alan asked me if I had a vajazzle, Veronica had to explain what is was (her daughter sent her on a course and I’m not sure how but she gained the knowledge) I told him at my age Alan it’s more of a comb-over!

I am sure ladies you are like myself and only prefer something soft and floppy not something hard and knobbly around our lady-gardens, so I am thinking of knitting some lace-weight Alpacca French Knickers. I will keep you updated.

Yours Needle Clickingly



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