Ronald is being persistent. I have tried diverting him, usually easiest, is putting a copy of Caravan Monthly next to his rich, aromatic, Italian blend ground by a millstone in the Tuscany hills by moody Italians and a Hob-Nob. But to no avail; he has this juvenile fantasy that just will not go away. So I have suggested we discuss it.

What is going on with that woman who was in ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’? Has she no idea how a lady of mature years should act? I am all for a lady making the best of herself and I am not immune to a smidgen of help in irradiating the grey hairs; Helen Mirren I am not! But why does she have to do the moody sex siren act, swishing hair whilst trying to look sexily over her shoulder in the hair dye advert? This is not attractive and it is not sexy and it is doing a disservice to the rest of the sisterhood and she has probably been airbrushed.

Ladies I will share with you the secret of remaining a lady but also embodying that inner and outer attraction of those bygone true stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Vanessa Redgrave and Dianna Dors.

Yours Attractively


One thought on “Fantasy

  1. Dear Celia, I find that once they are feeling frisky there is only one way to resolve things. Lie back and think of England Celia, one can always file one’s nails or compose a shopping list whilst they go about their business. The delay tactics will have already ensured that things will be over with swiftly, and this way a lady can ‘get it over with’ and get on with the important duties of the day.
    The airbrushed temptresses and media have much to answer for I’m afraid, building up totally unrealistic expectations, after all, who wants to look like Angelina Jolie for goodness sake …..


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