Hello my lovely ladies, I hope you are enjoying your day; it’s sunny and. Warm and the start of a long weekend. I am sorry I was unable to bliss yesterday but I attended a luncheon with my friend Veronica. We did have a super time with a light luncheon of salad (Veronica has a strong wrist and can certainly give a good toss) with a few pinches of Basil and Coriander. Unlike Veronica I advise taking the plant out of its plastic wrapper and actually planting it in the pot. It’s not quite as pleasing advertising Tescoes and sticking out of the pot like one of these young gels squeezed into jeans 3 sizes too small and sporting a muffin top which for some unexplained reason they then show off!

Veronica had a few Jersey Royals so I suggested tossing them in some extra virgin with some peppers, garlic and onions, then popping them in the oven. We enjoyed a cool glass of white wine whilst they were cooking, happy days.

Must dash Ronald has his hose out and I want to fill the bird bath.



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