As you can see Ronald is really getting

As you can see Ronald is really getting down to it and the summerhouse is coming along. I’m sure there was lots more I was going to chat about but unfortunately the shopping took longer than expected. There was a wonderful leaflet welcoming one to a Gin showcase  and recommending hic different gins and explainging there quanta qualitese and fllavours. After peroosing the wonderful descriptions and botanicals I purchased a bottle and thought I has better test them out for my lovely ladies and possible gentlemen.  My favoriot is a ‘French 75’ I had several to make sure, probly not a good ideA as it was a long time since my cornflakes. Anyway I shall share the repice with you all:

French 75

1 1/2 measures Bloom gin

1/2 measure freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/4 measure Monin Gomme sugar syrup (I made my own with tate & lyle 50:50 sugar & water)

Champagne & lemon to garnish. Do let me know if you enjoy.

I stopped on the way home pre-gin for stuffing, Ronald is a saint.

Yours Ginnily


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