How exciting, I have some lovely ladies following my little ditties (blog is such an unfortunate word) I was so overcome that Ronald had to break out the bottle of Grey Goose I had put away for the grand opening party of the summerhouse. I hope you keep reading and tell your lovely lady friends about my aim in life to spread THE WONDER OF WOOL, WISDOM and LADYLIKE activities

I have a dear friend Veronica who unfortunately is now following my. Sorry I have to stop there; I really cannot call this a B.L.O.G. so I considered other options, unfortunately most words beginning with bl are not very pleasant, I,ll give you some examples :
Bladder, bland, blear, bleak, bleat, bleed, blemish, blight, bloat, blotch and blubber. After much diligence I have decided to call this my BLISS which means, happiness and blessedness, which I hope to spread with you all.
Anyway back to Veronica, I had hoped to keep my bliss a secret from her but she has with her hyposensitivity discovered it. I will attempt to conceal her comments but should any appear please do not read them as they will be personal conversations between us both.

Yours as ever

P.s. tomorrow I will update you on the advancement of the summerhouse; I know you are all tightening your pelvic floors with anticipation. ( not you gentlemen).

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