A bit about myself and my new blog; such an unfortunate name.

I decided I would write to all you lovely ladies out there who are floundering in this crazy world we live in. Of course I have no objection to gentleman reading my little help-notes; indeed they may find them useful. I will share with you a soup-son ( I do speak a little French) of my life, my views, my interests and of course some wonderful advice to transform your lives into “The Celia Ladygarden” way of life. There isn’t anything a good quality, bamboo organicaly knitted twin-set and pearls can do for a lady. So if you do not posessess these wonderful garments, do rush out to your local yarn shop, purchase wool and needles and get clicking. Gentlemen this is your chance to shine, you may provide the pearls. However I do not recommend that you dive for them yourself until you have completed a ‘Freshwater Pearl Diving Course’

As you can see from my first and second post; I will also be sharing with you the progress of  my summerhouse. When this is finished, aIl my posts (barring freezing conditions, rain, sleet or snow) will be written from here. Please do not worry about privacy, Ronald is planning an erection by the end of the month (I’m so excited) as long as the weather is clement. So he will be ensconced in his new shed.

Yours Inspirationally



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