What fun my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, Ronald and I have been spending a few days in the COTSWOLDS, with my lovely daughter-in-law and son.

On Friday we attended a SPRING FAYRE in the garden of a very lovely lady, who opened her home and garden for the event in aid of the local CHURCH.

What a lot of YUMMY-MUMMYS and how LOVELY, GLOSSY and BEAUTIFULLY dressed they were. Tripping about amongst the flowers and over the miniature MOAT. Dangling their ROSY-CHEEKED babies and watching their DARLING CHILDREN chase amongst the DAISYS.

PONY-RIDES, name the twin LAMBS and a RAFFLE plus a lovely lunch or TEA and CAKES were on offer, all whilst the SUN was thankfully shining.

Enjoying a lively chat on the lawn with some of the LOVELY LADIES, whilst waiting for the RAFFLE to be drawn, I heard the magic words “I THINK IT’S WINE O’CLOCK” , as WINE GLASSES, ICE-CUBES and WINE appeared. It was only 3 O’Clock perfect.

Yours Springily




My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, My dear friend Veronica and I stepped into the RETAIL world when we booked a table at the hall next to SAINSBURYS for a TABLE-TOP SALE.

Ron the organiser, explained over the phone that we were to put our sale items in a SAINSBURYS trolley and make our way to the rear entrance.

Veronica asked if we could just carry our goods in. Decidedly not. According to Ron The only way is to transport the goods in a SUPERMARKET trolley.

We duly parked and collected a trolley each, loaded up and made our way to the rear. Where we joined a collection of trolleys and a DISTRAUGHT Ron. Apparently the over 80′s GAY GORDONS CLUB had overrun, there were vague mutterings and accusations of the EARL-GRAY being SPIKED. But the upshot was poor Ron had no tables ready.

We joined the throng, there was a bit of POSTURING and PUSHING as people tried to maintain their position and some distinctly unfriendly glares. Which I turned away from and found myself face to face with a very pleasant lady and we chatted while we waited.

We had nearly unpacked every thing, when a young lady accosted us and said “this is my table”. It’s a very competitive business, the table-top sale!

Ron bless him soon sorted things out and we were able to stay where we were. I was selling a rather smart LINEN skirt and discussed the joys of linen and my price with a woman, she then gave me a superior smile and said “it is too big for me” and walked off.

A little lady tottered up and asked “does your knob get hot?” It took me a while to realise she was talking about a TEAPOT!

“I’m not sure” I said. That’s another sale lost but it was OK because two very nice young men came along a little later and bought it. I’m sure they have LADYLIKE tea parties.

Veronica nudged me and directed my gaze to the older ladies across the way, “old ladies eat a lot of bananas don’t they?” I must say it wasn’t something I had noticed before, but now that she had mentioned it, yes they do.
Poor Veronica had to intervene between two customers who were fighting for the same spot and a loud man shouted in my ear “what’s the damage? I hadn’t a clue as to what he meant. Veronica interpreted that he wanted to know how much the FRIDGE MAGNETS were. “10p” I told him

“Humph,” he said walking away, last of the big spenders!

A man requested a price for a huge plastic tub of TAPESTRY wool and a tapestry. We agreed a price and off he went across to the banana eating ladies, there was a lot of discussion and then he came back, “Is this something a MAN can do” he asked

Not being sure if he meant eating the bananas but opting for the tapestry, I reassured him “Of course, lots of men knit and sew, there is equality in most things now you know, so if you want to you can”.

There were many incidents but I have just realised that I have been chuntering on so I had better go.

Yours Saleswomanly




BALLCOCKS & COCONUTS that my dear ladies and occasional gentleman is not something you hear in every day conversation. But I was at my monthly CRAFTING CLUB casually knitting the sleeve of my daughter-in-Law’s jacket when the subject came up.

You see we are planning to hold a Traditional Fete in the summer with all those great games; COCONUT SHY, CROCKERY SMASHING, WELLY WANGING, TUG-O-WAR etc. BUT we don’t have any money, we are trying to raise it, to buy a new STAGE for our VILLAGE HALL.

So dear Gwendoline who has a reputation for TOOL HANDLING has kindly offered to make the COCONUT SHY. Trying to construct the CUPS, Gwendoline has tested various items but without success.

This afternoon whilst sipping TEA and slip one knit one, it came to me BALLCOCKS! If you cut them in half they would make ideal cups for the COCONUTS and Gwendoline can MOUNT them, which I am sure she will enjoy!

She went straight home and produced this

Gwendoline is now STALKING the village PLUMBER as she tries to get her hands on his BALLCOCKS!

Yours Fetely




My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, my day started with this…….

A MOTHER’S DAY card, a lovely thought but I just wish I had shut the BATHROOM door before weighing myself! I have obviously scarred my darling son for life.

In the afternoon my dear friend Veronica and I went to a MOTHER’S DAY VINTAGE TEA. As all our offspring were absent we went together and were treated to delicious savouries and fabulous cakes.

We WADDLED back to my lovely SUMMERHOUSE where Veronica pulled from her RECEPTACLE A bottle of SPARKLING PINK MUSCATO. Apparently it was a gift from a young SOAP KITTEN. We thought it would be rude not to drink it, so we did.

There was a disturbing moment when Veronica declared herself a HERMAPHRODITE!

I can only assume it was something to do with the PINK DRINK! The word just seemed to bubble up with the MUSCATO. There were a few moments of complete silence until we both collapsed with the giggles.

Yours Bubbily




My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, SHALLOTTS, it’s time to plant them. There is nothing tastier in your WINTER STEW than SHALLOTTS.

If you PLANT them now, PULL them in the Autumn, PLAIT them and HANG them in your shed. you can enjoy them over the winter.

All good so far but the problem lies in the fact I am still waiting for the garden in the front of the house to be fenced. Then I can have a RAISED VEGETABLE BED. So I had a little grumble to Ronald whilst showing him a picture of what was required and off he went to his shed. There was a lot of banging and screwing which Ronald is very fond of.

So now we have the constructed raised bed, we just have to place it in the garden. Now I can see a fairly WEED free rectangle that looks perfect but no Ronald decides to place it the opposite way, against a hedge with the weedy ground sloping away and where I won’t be able to get around it.


When the construction is in the right place Ronald takes a PICK-AXE and starts digging a long trench.

“What’s that for ” I ask

“To fit the box in” says Ronald, starting on the next tench.

“But it’s supposed to be a raised bed” says I

“It will be fine trust me” says Ronald knocking the edges even deeper into the ground.

So now I have a SUBTERRANEAN RAISED BED as you can see here.



Yours Satisfiedly



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, let us talk HAIRSTYLES. Shall we forget KIM JONG IL? The BABY-FACED GRIM LEADER LOOK is not very flattering is it?

Let’s be honest who would voluntarily want the same hairstyle as young Kim, apart from SIMON COWELL of course. Which is presumably why it was sent out as a directive.

So I am starting my very own trend ‘THE LADYGARDEN STYLE’. I can feel the VIBRATIONS over the MICROWAVES your EXCITED by the thought of it aren’t you?

So here dear ladies and occasional gentleman is a picture of me ( oh yes it is) in my dear friend Veronica’s kitchen assisting with a little BATH-BOMB creativity.

If you look carefully you will see my LOVELY LADY face has been painted out.
This is so that you can put your own face in. Then HEY PRESTO you have a LADYGARDEN STYLE.

So come on my dear ladies and occasional gentleman, JOIN IN THE FUN add your face onto my picture for your LADYGARDEN STYLE.

Yours Bouffantly



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman, whilst writing to you I am also waiting for a call regarding number two DAUGHTER’s AUDI. Also I will admit to you that I am a sipping of a fruity little SAUVIGNON BLANC and it is only 3.20 in the afternoon.

In my defence I have had a FRAGGLED day so far. It started last Tuesday, yes I know what you are thinking that is a long day. My daughter Morello had travelled down as her car needed some work for the MOT. On the way she stopped for petrol and as it was sunny put her ROOF down. As the ROOF went down there was a loud POP and her back window smashed, which was pretty scary.

She had to return to work taking my precious FIAT 500 CONVERTABLE. So this morning Ronald and I had to take broken vehicle to the AUDI garage in the city about an hours drive away on a large INDUSTRIAL PARK. So I strapped little hirsute Roley into the front seat of Ronald’s BMW which I was driving and he was to follow me in the AUDI as I had the SATNAV.

That is where it all went wrong the SATNAV, you see she is Ronald’s OTHER WOMAN! Ever since he has had that bitch she has had it in for me. Oh dear I am so sorry, I apologise for the language but she really ‘GETS MY GOAT!’

I programmed in the address and off we went. What was SHE doing? Well I don’t know because her screen was BLACK ! However she did take every opportunity to shout instructions at me!

Ignoring YOU KNOW WHO, it was as I was approaching the city centre that I needed a little help. I was coming up to a right turn which I knew I had to take but MISS STROPPY KNICKERS was completely silent so I carried on then………… RECALCULATING! RECALCULATING! The b…chI

I made a left turn in order to turn around and head back, I pulled into a small turning and turned out to go back, Ronald pulled up tight behind me. I pulled out and up to the TRAFFIC LIGHTS and realised that Ronald wasn’t behind me. He had got out of the car to ask me where we were going and had to jump back in because I pulled away.

The traffic lights were RED so I waited for him, then they changed to GREEN and a van pulled up behind me, I pretended to STALL until they went red again and Ronald had caught up.

When I arrived at the left turning I wanted , NO LEFT TURN, so I drove onto a garage where I could turn again. I pulled back out into the road not realising AGAIN that Ronald had got out to chat about directions, too late. He had to jump into the Audie and follow as best he could.

Madam wasn’t saying very much and didn’t say anything, when I saw the sign for the industrial estate, so I turned anyway because I knew that the AUDI GARAGE was somewhere there.

SATNAV continued to give me SARCASTIC INSTRUCTIONS which I ignored and eventually in this HUMUNGOUS ESTATE I found the right place.

I have decided that the SATNAV WOMAN is the sister of the woman in my FIAT who also has a STROPPY attitude. Why are these women like this, do men programme them specifically to annoy?

Yours Peevishly





Good day my dear ladies and occasional gentleman and before you are thinking I have gone all ANTIPODEAN this was a COURTIESS  greeting in past times in jolly old ENGLAND.  

Anyway as I was saying it was a normal Sunday morning in the LADYGARDEN household, SIR TERENCE WOGAN on the radio. When  Ronald who was about to set forth for a FREE-RANGE CHICKEN for our Sunday Roast was diverted. Instead he strode with a manly stride to his SHED and grabbing the largest SPADE he could find set about digging up the LADYGARDEN PERIMETER.

As you can imagine I was SURPRISED and INTRIGUED as to what was occurring.  I stepped outside into the chilly wind to find Ronald DIGGING whilst MUTTERING about MOTTE AND BAILEYS and REPELLING THE HORDES and studying the picture I have shown here for your interest. With no sign of my FREE -RANGE CHICKEN!

Re-entering the LADYGARDEN residence I discovered the meaning of Ronald’s  strange behaviour. SIR TERENCE WOGAN was chatting about his forthcoming interview with the singer SAM BAILEY! 

There are TWO messages here:


TWO, Ronald needs a HEARING TEST.

Yours Hungrily



Dear ladies and the occasional gentleman, what a lovely day . As you know I was meeting my dear friend Veronica for a LADIES LIGHT LUNCHEON.

We decided we needed a little SEA AIR and made our genteel way to the SEASIDE. “What was this?” Veronica cried making an EMERGENCY STOP. After I had disentangled myself from my handbag and a couple of UNKNOWN ARTICLES that had shot over my head with the KINETIC ENERGY generated by the enforced stop.

The road to the SEASIDE was closed! How very annoying! But have no fear my lovely ladies and the occasional gentleman, there is always another way.

Oh that first glimpse of the WHITE HORSES galloping to shore and washing over the golden sand. It lifts your HEART, the OCEAN.

After parking the car our first stop was the CHARITY SHOP and I was thrilled to find a 1980′s KNITTING BOOK, I know you are all jealous.

We then went to a SEAFRONT GALLERY with all sorts of interesting GOODIES. We had a pleasant chat with the lovely LADY PROPRIETOR. Although I was a little disconcerted when talking about her stock, she said “I’VE GOT A 6 FOOT HORSE OUT THE BACK” and thought it was time we left, Veronica’s TUMMY was doing THE SAILORS HORNPIPE by this time which meant lunch was due.

We entered the delightful TEA-ROOMS and Veronica glancing to her right said to the poor innocent man lunching with his wife “OH WHAT LARGE SCONES YOU HAVE!” Before his wife, who was looking a little cross at this remark could reach Veronica, I steered her away to a little table the other side of the room.

We were sharing a delicious POT OF TEA when we were joined by a little girl of about 3. from the next table. Who unfortunately had the same dress on as Veronica. I do believe a mature women has to be a little cautious about DENIM. Of course Veronica was hoping she would move away but the little girl decided she had an IMAGINARY FRIEND in the chair next to Veronica. I thought they looked quite sweet together, she was like a MINI ME Veronica.
I don’t think Veronica thought it was sweet.

Yours Amusedly